Need financing? We are now partnering with Silver Tree Capital to providing lending assistance for those wanting to purchase a storage condo, when the only option in the past was to pay cash.

Below, please find an outline of the general loan terms and feel free to reach out to Jeff if you have any questions.
The following are the approximate loan terms:


  • Great Credit: 5’s  

  • Mid Credit: 6’s Poor Credit: 7’s


  • 10 Year

  • 5 Years - Fixed Rate

  • 5 Years - Readjusted or Floater Rate


  • 10/30 Year

Lender Fees:

  • 3 Points – Lender charging additional point fees, because the loans are considered small.

  • Application and credit underwriting fee: $1,450

  • Tri-Merge Credit Report Fee: $75

For Details on Financing Contact Jeff:

Jeffrey S. Rocker

Silver Tree Capital, LLC.

(559) 400-7125 – Main

(559) 977-7821 – Mobile

CFL# 60DBO-54148