Summary of GarageTown Rules

GarageTown Palm Desert

(See the complete rules in the Public Offering Statement)


Article IX: Use Restrictions


Units shall be used for authorized storage purposes for the Owner or their assigns.  Hazardous materials are prohibited.


Owners may engage in routine maintenance of personal property but may not pose a risk to other Owners.  No more than five gallons of gasoline or other hazardous products or by-products should not be stored in units (see section for entire definition).


Owners may utilize units for permissible inventory used in trade/business.  Business and personal records may be stored in units.


No commercial use is allowed, except for home professional pursuits without employees or public visits.  No advertising signs or window displays may be maintained on Common Elements.


Prohibited Activities (b):


  1. Waste, excess noise

  2. Retail/Wholesale outlet

  3. Manufacture or assembly

  4. Repair activity for business for profit

  5. Noxious activity

  6. Storage of hazardous substances

  7. High pile combustible storage

  8. Residential use


Parking (d):


  1. Vehicles must be operable if parked in common areas and must allow for free passage of others to all units.

  2. No vehicles may be stored in common areas.

  3. All forms of recreational vehicles are considered “stored” when parked for more than two hours unless parked directly in front of the Owner’s unit.

  4. No vehicle shall be parked in designated parking for more than 14 days per year.


Storage Lofts (h):


Storage lofts must insure continuing structural integrity of the building (lofts must be self-supporting).


Trash (j):


There is no common trash area.  All trash produced by Owners should be removed from the premises.

Common Elements (n):


  1. Access to the clubhouse and use of the RV cleanout are restricted to the exclusive use of the unit Owners.

  2. Clubhouse gatherings and group activities must be authorized by the board.

  3. No camping, fires, noxious or offensive activities are allowed.

  4. Pets – dogs and cats are the only pets allowed and must follow city leash law.



Fine for Violations (5.2):


            After notice, the Executive Board may levy a fine for each day a violation occurs.

** Subject to change